Business Owners Policy

Property Protection and Liability made for your business

One of the common and popular packages is the Business Owners Insurance, which in short, is known as BOP insurance.  It is a policy that combines both property and liability coverage into one and is usually chosen by restaurants, wholesalers, retail stores, contractors and other types of small to medium businesses.   

 Discover more about BOP coverage, cost and how you can protect your business through the Firefly Advantage® Business Program. 

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BOP Coverage

There are two primary coverages that need to be included in a business owner policy, liability and property.   


The liability coverages found in a Business Owners Insurance are the same as those found on a general liability policy.  The policies include protection against liabilities such as customer injuries, property damages, injury advertisements and product related claims but does not cover employees.  A separate workers’ compensation policy will be needed for your employees.  


Any business personal property such as commercial buildings and the moveable property owned by the business or used by the business are covered in this insurance as well as loss of income, debris removal and pollution clean up as part of a covered loss.   

 Some policies do not include all aspects and may have certain coverage exclusions, but if there is anything that is left uncovered, endorsements within the policy might be available to extend the coverage.  Earthquakes, for example, and the damages they cause are excluded from the Business Owners Insurance but you can consider adding an endorsement to your policy to cover this if you live in an area that is more prone to earthquakes.  Contact us now and ask for endorsement options.   

 Factors that will affect insurance rates are location, age, driving/riding history as well as the make and model of the machine.   

Snowmobile insurance rates will largely depend on your location, age, driving/riding history and the make and model of your machine.

BOP cost

Small businesses nationwide who brought a new Business Owners policy in 2020, paid on average $84 per month through the Firefly Advantage Business Program.  This is an indication to the average BOP insurance costs, calculated using a variety of different business types with varying levels of risks and will increase or decrease depending on what factors are considered, added or removed. 


Every business is different and therefore, the price of the insurance will depend greatly on the attributes of your business and what you would like included, coverage needs, type of business or profession, the number of employees to cover and claims history.   


Examples of a higher insurance cost will come from a history of claims, a higher exposure to risks in the business or higher coverage requirements.   

Call us now or start a quote online to get a custom price for your business considering all factors and risks to find the best rate that best matches your unique needs.   

Common questions

What kind of businesses need a business owners policy (BOP)? What is business personal property? What does a business owners policy cover? What’s the difference between a business owners policy and general liability coverage? Can Firefly help me get a BOP in my state?

Businesses with commercial property that are small or medium sized, should consider taking out a business owners policy which combines commercial property insurance and general liability.  Liability protection will cover any accidents and lawsuits for example, and commercial property insurance will cover buildings and personal business properties.  

A business personal property is a coverage included in a BOP which covers the property owned and used by the business.  

A business owners policy protects your commercial building and its contents as well as covers any liability claims to do with customer injuries and property damage not owned by the businesses.   

What a Business Owners Policy does is combine both general liability and property insurance into one package, making it easier to manage.  If you have taken a BOP, there is no need to take out an additional general liability insurance policy because protection of your business from third party liability claims are already included such as bodily injuries, property damage and personal injury.   

Yes, Firefly can help any business take out Business Owners Policy and any other insurance in all states, except Hawaii.