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Indeed, we can’t prevent ID theft, but we can monitor the key warning signs and provide automated alerts when threats are detected. We also offer recovery and remediation services. In addition, we can compensate the money you spend to reclaim your identity and repair your credit.

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Every second counts when we are dealing with identity theft protection! Check our ID theft and credit monitoring plans and pick the one that best fits your needs. 

Common questions related to credit monitoring & identity theft services

What is identity theft? Will identity theft show on my credit report? What procedure are followed if my identity is stolen?

ID theft happens when your personal information such as Social Security, driver’s license, or credit card is stolen. Using your identity, the thief can accumulate debt, apply for credit cards and loans, and commit other illegal activities. Unfortunately, it is not easy to be fixed. It causes physical and emotional stress with hundreds of hours needed to resolve the case.

Identity theft does not always show in your credit report. ID thieves do not need to involve your credit when they steal your identity. “Non-credit” theft can take place in several ways. They steal your mail and then ask the United Postal Service to redirect it to another address that the thieves specify; usually known as mail identity theft. Thieves can also get a high-interest payday loan using a piece of your identity like your Social Security Number.

In addition, a financial account takeover is done by cybercriminals who buy your bank account details on the dark web after a data breach. Their main goal is to steal money from your account.

A certified Identity Restoration specialist will be in charge! He will put all his efforts to restore your identity. Once an alert of ID theft is sent, you will be guided in every step, and he will work with you to resolve the problem. This specialist will:

  1. Contact Social Security Administration or any government agency where the fraud took place
  2. Check your credit report looking for signs of ID theft
  3. Place a fraud alert or security freeze on your credit report after contacting the three credit bureaus