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Mobile Home Insurance

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Protection that's specific to your home

Similar to homeowners insurance, mobile home insurance offers customized protection for your manufactured home. 

Firefly can tailor a policy to your property’s needs, whether you require manufactured home insurance or modular home insurance. 

Types of mobile homes

Modular home characteristics

  • Built in a factory off-site and then shipped to a specific place 
  • Based on a long-term foundation as opposed to being fixed 
  • Installed on a crawlspace or a basement 
  • Possess numerous levels 
  • made to comply with state and local building codes 

Manufactured home characteristics

  • Constructed on a single-level mobile steel chassis. 
  • Manufactured in parts and wheeled to the building site 
  • Usually cheaper per square foot than site-built homes 
  • Can be installed on a crawl space or basement 
  • Constructed in accordance with federal (HUD) building codes 

Mobile home insurance coverages

Standard coverages

The majority of policies for mobile/modular homes provide the following protections: 


Dwelling coverage assists with repairing or replacing the actual structure of your house if it is harmed by one of the covered perils. 

 Imagine a hailstorm causing damage to your roof. If necessary, your roof can be repaired or replaced thanks to your home insurance coverage. 


If lost or destroyed in a covered incident, your personal property, such as furniture, appliances, clothing, and gadgets, is covered up to a predetermined limit. 

You may need to “schedule” the pricey and valuable items on your policy (also known as adding an “insurance rider”). 


Personal liability insurance can protect you up to your policy’s limits, if a household member causes someone else’s injury or property damage.

Loss of use

Loss of use coverage, also referred to as “extra living expenses,” can cover meal and hotel expenses if a covered loss prevents you from residing in your home. 

Extra coverage*

You might be able to add additional protection, such as: 

Replacement cost coverage

Protect your house and your possessions from depreciation. You can get the money you need to fix or replace what is broken with the optional replacement cost coverage, keeping the value intact. 

Let’s say your mobile home, which you paid $140,000 for ten years ago, is completely destroyed by a fire. The typical policy reimburses you for the home’s $120,000 real cash worth, which includes depreciation. 

However, if you have replacement cost coverage, your insurance will pay up to the $140,000 purchase price, if the damage is too severe to repair and you need to rebuild your house with the same quality. 

Trip collision coverage

Protect your home from any collision-related damage while it is in motion. Coverage is limited to a single move within a given 30-day period. 

So, if a moving truck strikes your house while it was being relocated, Trip collision coverage can cover any structural damage to your home, up to the limits of your policy.

Single deductible benefit

If you bundle Firefly mobile home and auto insurance, and a claim covers both, you will only be accountable for one deductible. You would have to pay two separate deductibles if you didn’t have both policies with Firefly. Only specific states are eligible for this perk. 

For example, a hailstorm harms your automobile and home’s roof. Your car insurance, assuming you have comprehensive coverage, will cover damage to your car, and your mobile home insurance will cover roof repairs. If both plans have a $500 deductible, you only need to pay one deductible and both will be fixed. 

How to get insurance for your mobile home

Call us or quote online, and see for yourself how easy insuring your manufactured or modular home has become. 

We have pinpointed out a few information that will help us deliver the most accurate quote possible:  

  • How is the house built? Learn the fundamentals about the building of your home, such as the year it was constructed, its size, and whether it is categorized as manufactured or modular. 
  • Do you currently have home insurance? If so, please identify your provider and the duration of your coverage. 
  • Do you require specialized coverage, such as flood insurance? You could want separate flood insurance coverage if your house is in a flood zone or if you reside close to a body of water. 
  • What is your preferred paying method? You can use an escrow account, pay separately, or choose one of the payment options we offer to meet any budget.