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Homeowners insurance protects your assets if you are held responsible for the injuries or property damage of others, as well as provides protection against damage to your house and possessions from insured risks.  

Additionally, if a covered loss renders your home uninhabitable, your homeowners policy can cover meals and accommodation. 

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Affordable home insurance that helps you save

Combining Firefly’s home and auto insurance will earn you a discount.
Save money and request a homeowners insurance quote before the start of your policy.
Check if you have a burglar alarm, automatic fire protective sprinklers, or a centrally monitored security system in your house. Having these tools qualifies you for a discount.
Purchasing a new home, even if one isn’t newly built, can qualify you for a discount.

Homeowners insurance coverage gives you peace of mind


Firefly’s dwelling coverage helps repair or completely rebuilt your house in case it got damaged by a fire, severe weather, fallen trees, ice dams, or other covered risks.

For example, if your roof collapses under the weight of ice, snow, or precipitation, your policy will cover any interior element that sustained damage like walls, kitchen cabinets, and countertops.
If repairs cause by a covered loss makes your house unhabitable, then your chosen insurance will cover your temporary living expenses-up to your policy’s limits.
If you or a member of your family is held accountable for harming another person or damaging their property, then the personal liability insurance can help safeguard your assets. Libel, slander, and other legal coverages could be added on for extra cost. If you require greater protection than the specified liability limit, then a different umbrella policy might be suggested.

Example: A delivery person trips and breaks their arm on your stairs. Your homeowners insurance might pay their medical expenses and missed wages if you are proven to be at fault.
If your personal property, such as furniture, clothes, electronics, etc., is damaged or destroyed in a covered loss, personal property coverage can assist with their repair or replacement costs.

You might need to "schedule" expensive items like jewels, art, and collectibles. This means adding an insurance rider to your homeowners insurance policy.

Your cellphone, work gear, and other equipment got stolen when someone broke into your automobile? Don’t worry! Your homeowner's insurance coverage can cover the cost of replacing the stolen goods; up to the limits of your policy and minus your deductible.

Get a home insurance quote in a few easy steps

Obtaining a reliable and reasonable home insurance quotation online is only one click away! To guarantee you the best policy that best safeguards your home and family, expect us to ask a few questions such as:   

  • Does anyone live with you? 
  • Do you manage a home-based business? 
  • When was your home instructed? 
  • How old is your roof? 
  • Do you currently have a home insurance?  

Common questions about homeowners insurance

What does home insurance protect against? Will homeowners insurance cover a rental property? Does home insurance cover flooding? Is home insurance required?

Up to your policy limits and less any deductible, a typical home insurance policy covers a wide range of situations such as:  

  • Dwelling coverage repairs roof damage cause by a windstorm.  
  • Personal property policies cover the cost of replacing stolen goods, up to the limits of your policy, in case your house was broken into.  
  • Coverage on other structures might cover rebuilding a detached garage destroyed by a fire.  
  • Medical payments coverage takes care of your guest’s medical bills if they get hurt in your household.  

Find out more about house insurance coverages, and calculate how much coverage you require using our home insurance calculator. 

You need a dwelling coverage to protect your rental home whether it is rented to tenants or unoccupied.  

A landlord's dwelling policy could also include coverage for any other buildings on the site, theft of personal items, vandalism, loss of rent, and liability. 

Home insurance policies don’t typically cover flooding. A flood insurance coverage can protect against damage to your home and personal property if you reside in a flood-prone location. Learn more about how water damage may be covered by your homeowners insurance.

No state has a law requiring homeowners insurance, but before your mortgage company approves your home loan or equity line of credit, they will usually want to see evidence that you have a policy. 

A homeowners policy may be useful for preventing damage to your home and possessions, even if you don't have a mortgage on it.