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Event insurance for wedding, charity run and more

When you are in the midst of planning your big day, one of the biggest days of your life, or hosting a charity 5K marathon run, the last thing you need is anything to go wrong.  With Event Insurance, we will make sure that you can enjoy the day without any worry and you will be protected from any accidents that may happen.  Breathe easier and simply have fun! 

 With an added cancellation coverage, you can protect your investment in case you have to postpone or cancel. 

What is special event insurance?

Special event insurance is also known as ‘one-day event insurance’ which helps to protect you from any financial loss for a special occasion you have planned, such as a wedding.  There are two types of insurance we can help with: 

  • Liability: this is the most common type of insurance used for events and protects the event holder and the venue reserved in case of any claims resulting from property damage or injuries that occur during the event
  • Wedding cancellation or postponement: this is available when you purchase liability insurance for your wedding event and will be ready to cover the costs in case you unexpectedly need to cancel. You also have the added option to add wedding insurance coverage on certain items such as the cake, the dress and more.

Do I need insurance for my event?

Many venues that are reserved for events, will require you to purchase general liability to cover your event to protect against anyone getting hurt of the property is damaged, and if this is not provided, you may be at risk of losing your event spot if you do not provide proof of insurance.   


What does wedding and event insurance cover?

By selecting which coverages, you want, you can build your own special event insurance. 



This is often required by the venue and covers property damage or injuries to guests. .
This type of insurance reimburses you with any non-refundable expenses paid for, such as deposits you have put down, if for any reason you have to cancel or postpone your wedding. This coverage can also be used for additional claims on the cake, flowers, rental cars, and more. Bare in mind that any coverage will need to be taken out and paid for at least 2 weeks in advance and added onto your wedding liability insurance.
This coverage is an option to be added on your cancellation wedding insurance policy and specialises coverages on your dress, tuxedo, gifts, photographs and more against damage of theft prior to your event.

How much does event insurance cost?

Insuring your wedding or event through Event Helper can cost as little as $105.(See Disclosure) The exact cost of your event insurance policy will vary based on the number of people attending, the length of the event, as well as the coverages you buy. For example, a large festival with 5,000 attendees can cost as much as $1,500 to insure.

Have more questions about insurance for your wedding or special event? See our Wedding & Event Insurance 101 guide for more info on how special event insurance works.