Umbrella Insurance

Excess liability coverage to keep your assets safe

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Exceed regular insurance with Umbrella coverage from Firefly

So, what is umbrella insurance after all? When your auto and/or homeowners policy is not enough anymore, go beyond the limits and benefit from personal umbrella coverage. It protects you, your family, and your valuable assets like retirement savings, home equity, and others from any legal liability claim. You will be safeguarding the lifestyle you have worked hard for.

Umbrella insurance, what does it cover?

    • Umbrella Insurance covers more than your auto and home. Keep your significant assets safe and choose the liability limit that best protects them. By choosing Umbrella Insurance Policy, you’ll be also covered for the following: 


  • Personal injury coverage: It provides coverage for defamation, libel, slander of character, and more.
  • Worldwide coverage: It provides coverage for accidents that may happen abroad.
  • Vacation rental liability: It provides coverage for accidental incidents that may occur on boats, scooters, boats, and other rentals.
  • Defense coverage: It provides coverage for costs and legal fees.

Avoid paying out of pocket if you’re liable for a large claim

Well, let’s say you were involved in an automobile accident or something went wrong in your home or on any of your properties. Then, you are sued for a large amount of money. Your regular insurance policy does not cover it all. No worries! You can cover the remaining using your umbrella policy. 

How do I know that I need umbrella coverage?

Even if you are not wealthy, you will need Firefly’s personal umbrella insurance. Everyone can benefit from the comprehensive and affordable protection provided by the umbrella policy. So, despite the car you own or whether you are a renter, condo owner, or homeowner, you might face some judgments or legal actions. Then, you need an umbrella insurance policy to stay safe.

Obviously, when you work hard to get something like an RV, ATV, motorcycle, or boat, you have to protect them with excess insurance; get the umbrella insurance policy.

A personal umbrella policy is available around the United States.