RV Insurance

Protect your recreational vehicle with customized coverage starting at just $125 per year(See Disclosure)

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Get an RV insurance quote to protect your motorhome or travel trailer

The best RV insurance protection caters to your specific needs, whether you use your recreational vehicle for leisure purposes or as a primary dwelling. 

If you request an online RV insurance quote, we will help you customize a policy that covers your motorhome or travel trailer in no time. Start right away and travel with confidence.  

Choose the travel trailer and motorhome insurance that best fits your ride

 Firefly insures all sorts of recreational vehicles, including utility and travel trailers-including state-of-the-art Class A motorhomes and pop-up campers.  

These are the RVs that we frequently insure: 

Class A motorhomes

The largest type of motorhome, ranging from 21-40 feet in length

Class B motorhomes

The smallest type of motorhome, commonly known as "camper vans"

Class C motorhomes

Mid-sized RVs ranging from 20-33 feet in length, also known as "mini- motorhomes"

Cargo & horse trailers

Large, enclosed trailers used for transporting horses, vehicles, and other cargo

Conventional trailers

Travel trailers used for camping and vacationing, ranging from 12-40 feet in length

Fifth-wheel trailers

These trailers feature a raised front section, providing more living space

Pop-up campers

Smaller camping trailers built with collapsible walls for easier towing

Truck campers

A type of RV where the living space sits in the bed of a pickup truck

Utility trailers

Smaller trailers designed to carry ATVs, boats, equipment, and other light cargo


Start saving with one of the best RV insurance companies

 Our RV insurance quotes and annual policies give you numerous opportunities to economize.  

Get an RV insurance quote today online, or over the phone, to learn more about the discounts you may be eligible for. 

Save money by combining your RV policy with another Firefly policy such as home, car, boat, or motorcycle.
No matter how old your RV is, you will get a discount as long as you can prove that you’re the original owner of your travel trailer or motorhome.
We reward safe drivers! If you have an accident-free and ticket-free record for the last three years, you get a discount!
Benefit from a discount when purchasing your RV insurance plan at least one day before your start date.

RV insurance customized to you

You and your recreational vehicle are covered by the Firefly RV coverage, no matter where your travels take you: on the highway, in a campground or park, or en route to a vacation spot.  

 Additionally, our full-time RV insurance plan provides coverage, similar to that found on a homeowners policy, including personal liability and loss assessment, if your motorhome or travel trailer serves as your primary place of residence. 


If your RV is five model years old or less, we'll replace your totaled travel trailer or motorhome with a brand-new one, minus your deductible. Your policy's specified payout applies if your RV is more than five model years old.
Firefly will insure personal property inside your motorhome or travel trailer, up to the limitations you specify.

Imagine damaging your tablet or phone after accidently backing your trailer into a picnic table. Up to the limitations of your policy, your insurance will cover the cost of replacing the products.
If your RV got disabled as a result of a covered accident, and you're more than 50 miles away home, we will pay for your transportation and lodging expenses up to the limit of your policy.

Pro tips to quote RV insurance

It’s far easier getting the greatest deal or the right insurance coverage for your RV than to change a flat. Consider these tips before you begin your quote: 

  • Look up your RV’s value: Knowing your RV’s current worth will help you decide how much coverage you require.  
  • Pick the coverages that fit your needs: If you travel with pricey personal possessions, then consider personal effects that will safeguard against damage to your belonging.  
  • Remember safety first: Smooth and safe driving can lower your insurance costs. 

To find out how much you can save while maintaining the coverage you require, request a quotation for your RV or travel trailer right away. 

Common questions about RV insurance

How much does RV insurance cost? Is insurance required on a travel trailer? Does Firefly's Roof Protection Plus® coverage apply to the interior of an RV? Does Firefly insure horse trailers and destination trailers?

Aside from being affordable, Firefly’s price for motorhome and travel trail’s annual policy depends on various factors: 

 Type, age, and condition: The main factors affecting RV insurance are the year, make, and model of your car. An older, more compact travel trailer will be less expensive to insure than a more recent, cutting-edge motorhome. Similar to how a pop-up camper will cost more than a state-of-the-art conventional travel trailer. 

  • Usage: The price of insurance for your RV will also depend on how frequently you use it. If your RV is your main residence, then your coverages and rate will be different from someone who only uses their motorhome or travel trailer a few weekends a year.  
  • Driving history: Maintaining a clean driving record is important. Your premium will probably be impacted by past accidents or tickets on your driving record. 

Since you are not technically driving your travel trailer, no state requires you to have insurance on a vehicle you tow behind a car or truck. Your lender may need comprehensive and collision coverage if you're financing the travel trailer in order to protect it from physical damage. 

This coverage protects any vehicle component directly damaged due to roof malfunction.

Yes. Similar to standard travel trailers, Firefly covers destination trailers and horse trailers.