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Ride protected on the course and in your community for as low as $75/annually

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Customized coverages from Firefly golf cart insurance safeguards you and your vehicle whether you use it to travel from one golf course to another or simply around your gated neighborhood or condominium complex.

Our coverage insures almost any non-commercial activity or setting.

Do you need golf cart insurance?

Insurance requirements for gold carts might differ from one state to another. However, it is always a good idea to get a policy even in states that don’t require one; especially if you plan on using your golf cart to cruise around your neighborhood. If you venture off the fairways, your house insurance may not protect you, but golf cart insurance does.

What is the average cost of golf cart insurance?

The coverages you choose, as well as the brand and model of your golf cart, affect the cost of the golf cart insurance. Your age and driving history have an impact as well. See how affordable golf cart insurance can be by getting a quote online.


Get more discounts to lower your golf cart insurance cost

Save by bundling! If you already have auto, home, renters, boat, or RV insurance with Firefly, we'll give you a discount on your golf cart policy.
Paying your fees up front and in full will grant you another discount!
We reward safe drivers! If you have had no motor vehicle violations or accidents in the last three years, you get a discount!
Prove that you already own a home and get a discount!
We'll give you a discount as a way of saying thanks for paying on time.

Golf cart insurance coverages we offer


Despite it not being required in all states, golf cart liability protects you if you were held accountable for injuring someone or damaging properties while riding your golf cart. The policy also covers court cost and legal fees.
In the case where your passengers got injured while riding your gold cart, the guest passenger liability will cover their injuries, up the limits mentioned in your policy.
If an uninsured or underinsured driver hurts you, any passengers, or your golf cart, your policy will cover the damages.
Comprehensive pays to repair or replace your vehicle if it got vandalized or stolen, or damaged from a fire, running into an animal, a natural disaster, or glass breakage. On the other hand, collision insurance covers the cost of your golf cart’s repairs or replacement if you collide with another golf cart, an object, or even a car on the road. Your lender may insist that you carry comprehensive and collision insurance if you're financing your golf cart.
Medical payments cover hospital fees in case you or your passenger got injured in a golf cart accident. Although Medical payments are optional, having coverage is crucial if you don’t benefit from health insurance.
Firefly covers any upgrade you do to your golf cart like adding a radio, headlights, seat covers, or even a unique paint job. You will immediately receive $3,000 in accessory coverage if your golf cart policy includes both comprehensive and collision coverage. Up to $30,000 in supplementary coverage is available if required.