Commercial Auto

Commercial auto insurance for small business

At Firefly, we are the #1 commercial auto insurers in America and have insured more than 1 million commercial vehicles.   

 Commercial auto insurance is taken out to ensure liability and any physical damage protections to different types of vehicles used for business, such as cars, trucks and vans.  Commercial vehicles do require a separate type of policy because they have an increased risk factor compared with personal vehicles.   

 Businesses that use vehicles to run errands, carry tools or transport clients as part of their daily business tasks might need to consider taking out a commercial auto policy which is not just for industrial vehicles like semis or dump trucks. 

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Finding the best customized coverage to match your business

To protect your business and income, it is vital that you select the correct commercial vehicle insurance coverage that meets your specific needs.  A commercial auto insurance quote typically includes the following:  

  • Liability 
  • Physical damage 
  • Medical payments 
  • Uninsured motorists 
  • Hired auto 
  • Non-owned coverage 
  • Any auto 

 Depending on the seasons, your policy can be adjusted to keep rates as low as possible and a steady coverage.  The commercial auto insurance provides many benefits such as customized coverages, an exceptional claims service, discounts, and competitive rates and covers the following: 

Business autos 

Customers who take out business auto insurance on their cars, light trucks, SUVs, vans and many more benefit from discounts and enjoy special advantages and access to network shops throughout the country. 


At Firefly, we offer a 24/7 claims service with an extensive truck repair network and discounts for your dump trucks and tractor trailers.   


A wide range of commercial trailers are covered from pickup truck utility trailers to large dump body trailed pulled by a tractor.

Common questions

Does commercial auto insurance cover personal use? How much will my insurance go up if I’m involved in an accident with my commercial vehicle? I was involved in a not-at-fault accident in my commercial vehicle. Do I still have to pay my deductible? Does commercial auto insurance cover theft of personal items? Do I have to use the body shop Firefly recommends to repair my commercial vehicle? Do I need special insurance to deliver pizza or other goods for a fee? Does Firefly offer commercial auto insurance in my state?

Yes, commercial auto insurance covers your vehicle for both commercial and personal use but a personal auto insurance only covers a vehicle for personal use and not for business purposes.   

Generally, an accident will have no effect on the rate of your current policy but it will be considered and could affect the rate of your policy, when it is renewed.  When the policy expires, at renewal, the policy is re-written to reflect any changes.  Depending on how the accident was caused, the cost of the claim and any accidents history are considered in any accident-related rate changes, but an increase is not guaranteed.  

Regardless of who is at fault, deductibles apply whenever a policy’s collision or comprehensive charges are used, so you might need to pay.  If the at-fault party involved is insured, we may be able to recover the deductible from their insurance company, or directly from them, if they do not have any insurance.  This process of recovering the deductible from the other party is called “subrogation”.  

The answer to this is not as straight forward and may not necessarily cover personal items.  A commercial auto insurance covers the vehicle itself and any permanently attached items, such as a ladder rack or a truck bed toolbox for example, but the tools inside, or the ladder itself will not be covered.   

You can choose any shop of your choice for repairs, regardless of the type of commercial vehicle you have.  It can be a shop you know or any one of our shops.   

Yes, you most likely will need insurance to cover this as most commercial insurance policies will not cover any losses that occur while delivering for a fee, like delivering pizzas or any other delivery service.  If at any point, there is no commercial policy on a vehicle and you get into a work-related accident, the claim may be denied and you may be held responsible for the damages.  To avoid this, it is best to take out a commercial auto policy. 

Yes, Firefly offers insurance in all states except Hawaii.