PWC Insurance

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Get a PWC insurance quote for your Jet Ski, WaveRunner or SeaDoo

Safety and fun go hand in hand now! Firefly insures practically all popular PWC models, including Jet Skis, WaveRunners, and Sea-Doos. Personal watercraft (PWC) offer thrills you often won’t find in a boat thanks to their speed, flexibility, and inboard jet drive. Before you enjoy the waters, make sure you get the appropriate coverages with the affordable Firefly personal watercraft insurance policy.

Is PWC insurance required?

Although few states mandate boat insurance, getting a PWC will protect you in case you damage your watercraft, or in an in-water accident.

How much does PWC insurance cost?

Firefly offers affordable Jet Ski, WaveRunner, or Sea-Doo insurance. You will also benefit from various discounts when you get a quote, one of which is for adding more than one PWC to your policy.

Tips for quoting PWC insurance:

The majority of states have age restrictions for operating a PWC, but if your state does not, make sure any minors who will frequently operate your PWC are included as listed operators on your policy.
Be honest and disclose any modifications and upgrades done to your PWC. Your insurer might refuse to cover a PWC with certain enhancements.
To purchase a PWC policy, you must have a hull identification number. But even without one, you can still acquire a quotation provided you know the year, make, and model of your PWC.
Complete a boater safety course and your insurer might lower the insurance rate.

What does PWC insurance cover?

Up to a certain extent, your insurance may provide coverage for your and your passenger’s injuries in an accident for which you bear some of the blame. You can get and additional medical payments insurance, which will assist cover for your and your passengers’ accident-related medical expenses, regardless of who is at blame and up to the limits of your policy.

PWC insurance coverages

Getting a quote from Firefly gives you the opportunity to select coverages and tailor your protection to meet your unique needs.
High limits
Regardless of who is at blame, medical payments can cover injuries to you, your friends, and family members if they are sustained while using your PWC.
Replacement cost for personal items
Your personal property, such as clothing, sunglasses, and cell phones, is covered up to $5,000. If we are unable to restore your damaged items, we will pay the price of new ones instead; given that they are of similar model.
Total loss coverage
If your PWC is deemed a total loss within the first 3 model years, then we’ll send you a check for the price of a brand-new one (MSRP of the current year model). We’ll reimburse you the actual cash value of your PWC in the event of a total loss if it is older than three model years.
Extensive navigation
Put your PWC to good use anywhere in the US without restrictions.
Roadside assistance
When your covered trailer or the tow vehicle is harmed or rendered inoperable, we will offer to tow it to the closest authorized repair facility at no additional cost. Using this coverage normally entails no out-of-pocket expenses.