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We have devised the suitable business insurance coverage to keep you protected from potential risks no matter what your business domain is. 


Our professional financial team create tailored business insurance protection plans for companies susceptible to risk.


Our team is trained to cater to your needs, providing you with unique experience.
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Generally, all quote requests are reviewed within 48 hours, but this duration depends on the nature of your quote.
Changes to policy, like changing providers, can be made even if you escrow your home insurance. Note that it is important to inform your mortgage lender when switching your home insurance companies.
Some home insurance policies would renew automatically. Still, the process of insurance renewal mainly depends on the providers. Hence, checking with your provider is highly advised.
Homeowners’ insurance rate depends on the house’s roof, its specifications, location, past property renovations, and even its claims history in some states.
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Firefly Michigan is proud to have provided insurance services to a wide base of clients. For 40 years and almost one million clients, we have done our best to meet all of our clients’ needs with extreme care and precision.  

With smooth communication and reliability, we are proud to calculate the best prices for our clients.  

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Whether it is for your private use or corporation, we have all types of insurance policies that you need. With our carefully crafted policies, we promise to save you copious amounts of money and grant you life-long protection.  

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As per our clients’ testimonies, we are committed to providing top-notch services with easy communication that is true to the brand’s values. We are dedicated to providing services that are always true to our values.  

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