First-Time Homebuyer Insurance Policy

First-Time Homebuyer Insurance Policy Save Money With These Tips   BY MILA ARAUJO Updated April 21, 2022REVIEWED BY SAMANTHA SILBERSTEIN FACT CHECKED BY HANS JASPERSON     Deciding to buy a first home is exciting. Often, it comes as part of other major life decisions like getting married or having children. Many people find that spending money on a property instead […]
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Types of Life Insurance

Types of Life Insurance Learn which policy type is right for you  BY MICHAEL EVANS Updated March 14, 2022REVIEWED BY CHIP STAPLETON       Navigating the landscape of life insurance can be tricky. You’re sure to encounter different and confusing policies and phrases, such as whole life, term life, cash value, universal life, and variable life.   But […]
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Why Do I Need Insurance?

Why Do I Need Insurance? Insurance can protect you financially in a number of ways   BY JEREMY VOHWINKLEUpdated October 28, 2021REVIEWED BY ERIC ESTEVEZFACT CHECKED BY ARIANA CHÁVEZ Accidents and disasters can and do happen. If you aren’t flush with cash to handle them, you could face huge financial struggles and setbacks. Insurance is one way to protect […]
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